Last year I transformed my natural deep brown locks into a style that felt like a true extension of myself. I envisioned a look that gave my hair dimension, more movement, and framed my features well. The team of experts at Bomane worked with me to bring my vision to life all while making sure they placed my hair’s health first. My new hairstyle is a sun-kissed, shoulde length cut that I love to style in undone waves.


Since dark hair can easily become damaged from hair lightening I always leave it to the professional experts who know the best way to introduce and maintain treatments like this to your hair. I originally went to Lucas at Bomane for color and Evelyn is my preference for styling, although I will say that anyone at Bomane can be trusted to do an amazing job.

For color, initially I started with balayage but since then have transitioned to full highlights because I love how it brightened by look overall. The highlights are applied strategically with low maintenance in mind. As my hair grows out the color still remains blended. Every 3 months I refresh my color and cut as my roots grow out. Every other month I have my stylist wash my hair with toner to keep the color from getting brassy or too yellow. Once a week I get a wash and blowout at Bomane.

Twice a week at home I shampoo my hair with Davines Minu and follow it up with the Minu mask which I leave on for 5-10 minutes for full benefit. After I wash the mask out my hair, I apply the Minu serum to my towel-dried hair. All three of these products help my color last longer and also add extra shine to my locks.


I apply Oribe Foundation mist to my towel dried hair and brush it out. This spray is a great detangler as well as heat protectant.

Then I spritz my hair with the Oribe Imperméable Anti-humidity Spray which protects my hair from any humidity.

Next, I blow dry my hair. I like to start with the bangs because if the front of your hair has a great shape your hair overall will look amazing. Once my bangs are complete, I blowout the rest of my hair, paying extra attention to the blow the dryer downwards — this step is what smooths the hair and shines it.

For my waves I use a 1” curler. I take 1” sections of my hair and alternate direction of the curler to create undone waves.


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