For me a good wardrobe is a carefully curated selection of pieces I have a connection to. All the pieces in a good wardrobe should be wearable and worn often. Staring at a wardrobe full of pieces I haven’t even worn or hardly see myself wearing is honestly a nightmare. Dressing up should never be a headache but rather a release, and a moment of self gratitude that boosts my confidence and who I am as a person. Because dressing up is one of the first things I do when I wake up in the morning, I love to make sure that it is a beautiful experience – easy, enjoyable, and empowering.

I’m a firm believer in investing in quality pieces you can treasure in your wardrobe forever. Investing in quality pieces allows me to focus on always having my go-to silhouettes. After years of doing it the wrong way, I realized this lifestyle beats having to replace my favorite fitted pieces when the low quality version wears over time. It also allows me to continue to selectively add in what I feel is missing to my eternal collection of classics.  Previously I would be trying to shuffle having a new wardrobe in the midst of work, personal life, and everything else. By the time I felt I had the perfect selection, the season would be almost at an end. Now I have less headache going into a new season as I can comfortably pick a small selection of key pieces to transition with into a season.

From Winter to Spring + Summer

The number one trick to transitioning is to own pieces which you can build or remove layers with. Opt for classic and multifunctional pieces you can layer with, whether it’s to layer up or down. 
With spring, I’m wearing all my slip dresses I previously layered under blazers and coats and wearing them solo or even with thin flowy pants.
Like my wardrobe choices, I like my jewelry to be investments – pieces I hope will one day become heirlooms. I love to think of the cute older women I see who are well accessorized around town and how much I wish they would let me take some of their well-made vintage pieces that have made it through the test of time. As the weather gets warmer, I like to layer less clothing and layer more jewelry on all the open areas of my body.