A New Clean Beauty Find: Go-To Skincare Fancy Face Botanical Cleanser

I have always been an advocate of clean beauty. Everyone has their own reason for this. For me, I believe that if something is completely non-harmful and gets the job done, then why bother opting for the more harmful option. After having my son it only made more sense to not put him at risk of being exposed to what I was using since my baby will naturally be around the products I use by either touch or environment.

I’ve since then become an advocate for clean beauty and anytime I find a good product I can’t help but share it with you guys. The Go-To Skincare Fancy Face botanical cleanser is definitely a must-have. The cleanser removes all the makeup, oil, primer, sunscreen, grime, and everything in between while leaving your skin ultra supple and hydrated. Not to mention since I have to apply it with my hands, I’ve noticed a significant difference in how soft my hands have been as well. 

PRO TIP: Incorporate double cleansing into your beauty ritual.I’ve recently added a K-beauty practice into my regimen known as double-cleansing. It’s when you use 2 cleansers while washing your face whether it’s morning or evening. The first cleanser I apply is oil-based and this step helps to breakdown makeup, sebum, SPF or dirt on the surface of my face. Step 2 I use a water-based cleanser that lathers to break down what’s underneath the surface of the skin.  I recommend GoldfadenMD Pure Start Gentle Detoxifying Cleanser for this step. It’s also a clean beauty product.