Anklets, also referred to as “ankle chain” and “ankle bracelet”, are an age old jewelry concept many of us love and are very commonly seen within all our Haati Chai collections.

Throughout the years we’ve received emails from customers who want to make sure they aren’t offending anyone or their cultural practices when wearing an anklet.

At Haati Chai we believe all jewelry is designed to play a symbolic role in the wearer’s life— everyday heirlooms to be passed down between generations, carrying on the stories of those it has touched. Understanding a piece of jewelry makes all the difference to its wearer.

Its Origins: A Time Honored Piece

The earliest traces of anklets were found in Sumerian culture, the southernmost region of Mesopotamia, dating back to 4500 years ago. In ancient Egypt, anklets would reflect a female’s fortune as well as social status. A woman wearing a gold or silver anklet decorated with precious stones symbolized her being the wife of a wealthy man. Similarly, a lower class woman more commonly was seen in anklets designed from leather, metal, or non-precious materials.

Several ancient societies included anklets within their accessory assortments, but India has placed the most emphasis on them in both the past and present. Depending on the subculture, the symbolism of the anklet varies throughout India. In some regions, single women would wear anklets with distinct bells so that they would draw attention to their feet and legs – perfect for attracting their future husband. New brides too would wear anklets with heavy carvings and art, as well as bells, to announce arrival to her husband’s home. Occasionally wearing a ring from the anklet to middle toe would serve as a representation of her marriage. Within Hindu cultures, gold has been considered the metal of the gods, therefore they would only wear silver anklets since the feet are the lowest part of the body and come in contact with dirty things.

Rules of Wearing an Anklet

There are no rules for wearing an anklet. Although it is enriching to know the story of a piece to appreciate it more, your personal style will always be what you make it.

Anyone can wear anklets. Each of our Haati Chai anklets are designed in Sterling Silver, 14 KT Yellow Gold, and 14 KT White Gold with comfort and quality in mind.