Bottega Veneta: My Current Favorites

I often mention that a good wardrobe is a selection of carefully curated pieces. I have a connection to the pieces in my closet and build it slowly by investing in quality pieces.

Here are two questions I ask myself to decide if I want to invest in a luxury item:

1. Is it timeless? If I can see myself wearing this item year after year and it can be incorporated into my capsule wardrobe, then it’s a good investment piece.

2. Am I consciously spending? It’s okay to consciously spend on things you love, even if they’re expensive because you are aware of the amount of money you have to spend. If I have $4000 allocated towards shopping for beauty and fashion items, as long as I remain within this budget I am okay whether I purchase 2 items or 15 items. If you’re like me, you opt for quality over quantity.

I hope this post was helpful and I’m leaving you here with my current shopping list from Bottega Veneta.