Intentional Objects

Leading an intentional lifestyle is very important for us as a family. In an era where fast fashion and seeing most items as disposable is a common practice, we wanted to raise Noah to have an intentional mindset early on. Children’s possessions don’t have to be an eyesore in your household, nor should they have to own a billion toys to feel content. By being mindful of his possessions, Noah is actively practicing values such as recycling, sustainability, respecting the environment, living with a sense of clarity, as well as one of my favorite topics — the art of owning meaningful heirlooms that he can one day pass down.

Recently my husband and I were inspired to invest in furniture for Noah. Noah, even at the young age of two, has this wonderful sense of independence and loves having his own space to sit and practice his favorite activities. You can often find him in his chair, zoning out for hours with crayons and a piece of paper to draw, playing with his cars, or even just sitting and watching his favorite tv shows. Seeing someone as young as him cultivate certain healthy rituals like these really inspired me to begin a search for the perfect table and chair to encourage these moments of self discovery. As soon as we saw the Mum and Dad Factory Chair, we instantly knew it was it. Being both beautiful and useful, this chair perfectly brings together the needs and desires for both parent and child.