All images are from the latest Parasol campaign photographed by Ja Tecson

Moms are the new black. It seems like everyone I know is becoming a mama and honestly, it is refreshing to be in this stage of life. As a business owner, mother to a young boy, and a wife, I find myself still struggling to prioritize my personal life as much as I do my career and I know many of you can relate.

Things changed as soon as I found out I was having a baby. My struggle went from “Can I manage being a mom?” to “How do I have time to maintain my beautiful aesthetic and transition my day-to-day life from business life to personal life to mama life?”

One product may not be able to solve all the day-to-day situations that arise from being a mom but the following products have been lifesavers not only aesthetically but also for productivity and sanity. Below is my list of 10 go-to products that every mom should own:

Eco-conscious diapers that are not rough and bulky. They come in the best gender-neutral cutest prints and you can sign up for the subscription service so you don’t have to think about when to re-order them.
One of my biggest concerns with Noah ever since he was a newborn was making sure he didn’t roll off the bed or couch whether he was lounging or sleeping and that he always remained comfortable. As he is sleeping in his own bed now, the dockatot keeps him from rolling off the bed while also keeping him snug and comfortable as if I am there with him the entire night. This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing companies out on the market and the quality is very luxurious. I am a big fan of multifunctional products and this one lets me do the most without worry.
Lorena Canal Rugs
When you know you’re about to have a baby in the house you need to baby proof and prepare everything. Many times in this process, the house doesn’t seem cute anymore. Lorena Canal offers beautiful and very soft kid friendly designs, designed for a modern parent. What I love most is that you can throw them in the wash! As not only a mom but a pet owner, this feature is a major plus.
AKID Brand 
A cool mom has a cool kid too. I am obsessed with this shoe brand’s stylish options for boys and girls. A major plus is that they are affordable too so I am able to always refresh his closet and get several new pairs whenever Noah grows into a new size.