Preparing For Baby Brother

Throughout our entire pregnancy, my husband and I have made it a point to make the experience just as exciting for Noah as it has been for us as the parents. Expanding your family is a very beautiful experience and it’s up to the parents to really set the tone for what is to be expected in the entire household.
As I indulge in our last few days as a family of 3 I wanted to share a few things we have practiced as a family through daily conversations and activities:

  1. That everyone is still mommy’s baby, and mommy and daddy love them all very much. Having our dogs Taj and Kohl have made it easier for Noah to understand some things. I tell him often that Taj, Kohl, and Noah are all my babies and mommy can have more than one and love them all. He seems to grasp this really well and brings it up in conversation on his own “Mommy, Taj and Me and Kohl are all your babies huh? And you love us all a lot” It’s absolutely adorable.
  1. Reading books and watching movies/videos on having a new sibling and becoming the older sibling.
  1. Inviting Noah into helping out or joining on group activities that involve baby brother. We bring up different ideas each time “Noah we love taking baths together huh? When baby brother comes we should ask him to join us, what do you think?” “Do you think you can help wash him too?” Or “Noah, want to take cupcakes to the hospital when baby brother arrives? He can’t eat them but we can sing him happy birthday AND THEN YOU CAN EAT THEM ALL”.

Any suggestions & tips for our new transition as a family? I would love to know things any of you have tried.