My husband Caleb and I decided early on to expose our baby boy Noah to everything we can. It’s what my parents did with me and I feel it may have been the reason why I am always adventurous with new things, and why I am more open-minded. 

From the moment he is awake to when he knocks out Noah by nature is such a chill baby who always wants to keep busy.  Caleb and I felt that introducing him to different pass times would be a great way to keep him engaged and help his development. Around when he turned six months, I initially tried to engage him by teaching him to read with flash cards. After a few tries we realized that he definitely didn’t care for this activity. Every baby is different and we realized we would probably have to circle back to this when he is ready for it.

Around that same age, we began taking him to swim classes and he loved them. We noticed how he is a very curious baby and wants to be physically and socially engaged. I’m a member of Fashion Mamas, and recently one of the mamas posted looking for baby models for her brand’s upcoming campaign.

Overall Noah loved the atmosphere and was a natural. Given his age his shoot time was very quick. This was the ideal shoot to test the idea of Noah acting/modeling. We will definitely expose Noah to more shoots. If one day he expresses that it’s not his thing or making him unhappy or uncomfortable we will respect his decisions.

The Brand Noah was photographed for is Telegraph Ave . What I love most about this line, is that the designer, Aman, keeps comfort in mind as well as sizing. Every child is always growing, and each of the pieces can be adjusted as the baby grows — you can keep the trousers cuffed and unroll them with growth or let harem pants turn into cropped harems, etc. The pieces are very affordable given the quality. I would definitely recommend this line for kids.