Skincare for Him

At our house, each of us loves to unwind with beauty rituals. For this Father’s Day, I’ve curated a list of skincare products for dad and a complementing IGTV video with my husband Caleb for any of you who want to have your very own at-home spa moment.

These are all gentle and clean beauty products making them great for any skin type. They are especially perfect for sensitive skin. For techniques, I use a combination of massaging as well as patting for the skin. Patting is an age-old Japanese technique where you tap and hold lightly while applying moisturizer, cleanser, and serums, as it enables the product to really penetrate the skin.

Caleb’s skin type:

  • Has large pores.
  • Is usually dry but becomes oily if he irritates his skin by over exfoliating or washing with extra harsh products.
  • Suffers from acne and breakouts from stress or when the skin produces too much oil.


  1. I massage the Herb Essntls Cleansing Oil into the skin to remove the dirt and debris that sit on the skin’s surface.
  2. Next, I massage the Seiso J Beauty Fuwa Fuwa Foaming Cleanser onto the skin to gently remove all the dirt and debris that sit under the skin’s surface.
  3. Then it’s time to mask. This Lesse Bioactive Face Mask combats breakouts, sun damage, and aging. It soothes and detoxifies the skin. Masks like this should be used 1-2x a week however if you don’t allow it to fully dry you can use it daily on the skin. I apply it with a brush for even application and leave this on for 10 minutes and then wash it off with a hot towel.
  4. As the mask sets on the skin I give a scalp and hair massage with the Klur Elements of Comfort Oil for about 7 minutes.
  5. After washing off the mask with a hot towel I apply the Circumference Active Botanical Refining Toner to prime it for serums and oils next. This especially helps refine Caleb’s large pores and begin to soften and plump his skin. I like to apply this by patting this into the skin.
  6. Enriched with Vitamin C this Aesop Lucent Concentrate does an amazing job smoothing and evening the skin texture and tone. I apply this by patting it into the skin.
  7. Great for balancing the skin’s pH this Thomsen Beauty Brume Organic Beauty Mist adds moisturize plus illuminates. After applying the mist you can pat it down into the skin so it penetrates the skin further.
  8. I love these types of lotions as you really feel them penetrating deep into your skin. You see the best results when you apply the Decorte Vita De Reve Herbal Vitalizing Lotion by patting it into the skin.
  9. As the final step, I apply Monastery Gold Botanical Oil Serum because it’s like a multivitamin for your skin. I pat this in as well.  I use my Herbivore Botanicals Jade Roller to further massage the face and neck. This relieves tension and helps to drain lymphatic fluid.