Black Lives Matter: Next Steps for Influencers

The current social landscape is an opportunity for large-scale change. Although filled with good intention, vague statements encouraging “giving back to the community” are not enough, it’s time to take initiative. My goal of this post is to give influencers a guide on how to move forward with business with a refocused dedication towards the greater cause while also redefining what “normal” is. Not just this week, but moving forward. We need to move forward. Any first step can be the most daunting – here are a few templates for easy ways to take this public outcry and turn it into action.

ATTN all Influencers:

It’s our responsibility, especially during a time of civil unrest, to re-evaluate the foundation of what being an “influencer” means and to be active in re-defining the new normal. What is influencing if there’s no deeper purpose behind the content? 

For many, creating content is their entire livelihood and there will be a need for a sense of normalcy to return, both on the creator and consumer side. There are benefits beyond the superficial for what we as influencers do, curating content can be therapeutic for many but I cannot emphasize enough that being insensitive, passive, or neglecting to use your platform for the greater good will not leave a go-do impression on any audience, especially during this time. At the end of the day content with purpose will serve you and your community for the better. There’s no telling how soon justice will be served for George Floyd and the countless named and unnamed individuals. If history has taught us everything it’s going to be a tireless fight forward. We have to finish what we started and that means your Black Out Tuesday post was just the beginning. We cannot go back to a thoughtless feed. 

Action EX: Ask those partnering with you if you can work on donating to a cause. Here is a simple email I’ve sent that required no additional energy and was happily received by the brand:

“Hi _________  

(enclose the message you wanted to speak to the brand about)

Looking forward to hearing from you. Side note — given the recent events of our nation I would love to discuss involving charity within our collaboration. I saw that for Mother’s Day you worked with some amazing influential mothers to donate to Every Mom Counts. It would be awesome to explore organizations that support minority fathers or underprivileged kids in specific neighborhoods.”

Action EX: Engage in conversation and politely nudge your peers to keep the conversation going. Go out of your way to provide positive reinforcement, thank your friends for sharing, and encourage them to share more.

“Thank you ____ , this is definitely a global issue. I look forward to seeing how you continue to use your platform for the greater cause.”

Action EX: Share links and reliable resources often – books, podcasts, articles, charities, etc. Provide your audience with options and encourage them to find ways of giving they enjoy most and to participate in them regularly. A great tip my friend @jordanrisa shared was to customize your email signatures with BLM actions. For example:

Bottom line: make it a mission. Curate content regularly that speaks to societal issues and get creative with ways to keep it on brand to your aesthetic. These are not mutually exclusive.

There is no wrong way to be actively involved. How are you staying proactive moving forward? Feel free to drop more suggestions below.