For some time now I’ve had a partnership with Laneige, a truly amazing K-Beauty brand. It’s not everyday you find a whole range of products from one brand that you love equally. So far I have tried their Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer, Lip Sleeping Mask, and Eye Sleeping Mask. Every single product is extremely effective and delivers really good results. I had been hearing about Laneige for a good while before I tried them myself since they have a lot of really great reviews, and after using their products consistently this year, I can say that I am officially a fan myself.

If you’re looking to try the line and want to start with just a few of the products I would recommend the Lip Mask and Toner/Moisturizer.

I’m completely obsessed with their lip mask. It’s definitely my favorite product. I suffer from very dry lips and most products I’ve used haven’t worked very well. This product has helped my dryness completely. Laneige not only soothes my lips for the moment, but offers lasting results. I love that the mask makes my lips visibly smoother.

My second favorite product has to be the double duty toner/moisturizer which Laneige recently launched. Toner is extremely important for our skin and especially POC for endless reasons. It keeps our skin tones balanced, bright, and radiant. Toner also primes and allows moisturizers to really sink into the skin. With a busy schedule, toner can become an additional step we often skip and may not have time for! Since this is a 2-in-1 toner and moisturizer, it has become my go-to in the mornings and evenings after showering. I love that it’s especially effective in keeping my skin balanced and healthy.