Beauty Tool 101: How to use a Kansa Wand

The Kansa Wand is an ancient skincare tool that traces back to India around 3000 BCE (possibly earlier). Used by Ayurvedic practitioners, this detoxifying and massaging facial tool is known to improve and stimulate blood circulation.

The Kansa metal properties are what makes this tool so beneficial. Kansa, also known as bell metal has a combination of copper and tin. Copper is considered a “healing metal”. On the skin, copper balances PH, acidity, and makes the skin healthy. This helps increase collagen and elastin production. The copper surface of the tool is also detoxifying, helps with inflammation and lymphatic drainage.

How to Use a Kansa Wand: Tips from Michelle Ranavat of Ranavat Botanics

  • Use the Kansa Wand with an oil or serum. Michelle recommends using the Radiant Rani Brightening Serum as both the want and oil are meant for brightening the skin. Copper is a healing metal that will enhance the function of an antioxidant-rich serum or oil as you gently massage. Glide the wand in an upward motion. The tool should easily glide on the skin rather than pulling.

You can massage in any way that feels best, some recommendations are: 

1. Massage the wand in circles around the middle of the forehead five times in a counterclockwise direction. Repeat five times in a clockwise direction.

2. Draw the figure-eight pattern on the forehead five times. This calms the mind and emotions, stimulates memory, and improves concentration. It’s also helpful for relieving sinus headaches.

3. Massage in a zigzag pattern across the forehead five times, using gentle pressure.

4. Clench your teeth so that you can feel the jaw muscle. Massage with firm pressure in a circular motion on this point with the wand. Repeat five times.

5. Circle the cheekbone five times using firm pressure.

6. Move under the cheekbone. Massage upward and downward with firm pressure, moving from the corner of the mouth up to the earlobe and back to the corner of the mouth

7. Move to the jawline. Move down from the ear to along the jaw towards the chin, from the chin back along the jaw to the ear lobe.Care: For daily care, simply wipe wand after each use or use soap and water only on the metal part.  For a deeper clean, create a paste with tea tree oil and fuller’s earth clay.